drumbit Plus


drumit Plus edition is a Chrome App. Chrome Apps are built using web technologies and integrates seamlessly into the desktop and look more like desktop applications than traditional web apps. It runs anywhere Chrome runs, this includes Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Beyond traditional web apps

  • Chrome Apps have no omnibox (address bar) and tab strip like normal browser-based apps, because like native desktop apps, they don’t live in a browser.
  • The Chrome App Launcher makes it easy for users to find and start your Chrome App.
  • OS X users can use the integrated spotlight search to find and start your app.
  • Chrome Apps can access the host computer’s file system.


Chrome Apps are the ONLY way to have apps installed on a Chromebook. Chromebooks are appealing, inexpensive, low maintenance devices that provide a full web experience.


Current features include

  • Up to 16 different patterns
  • 20 Built-in drum kits
  • User custom kits
  • 9 Room effects
  • Records and saves as a WAV file
  • Copy/paste between banks and patterns
  • Swing factor
  • Keys mode
  • Volume control of each track
  • Step sensitivity
  • Sample pitch change
  • Panning
  • Filters: compressor, low-pass, high-pass

Get it

At present time drumbit Plus edition is only available through the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store