A very easy to use drum machine

drumbit.app is a web based drum machine, made with HTML5 and it is compatible with all modern browsers. It aims to be a very easy to use drum machine, offering means to put together a drum beat very quickly and in a very intuitive way.

With drumbit you can choose from various drum kits, apply filters and room effects, change individual volume and pitch of the samples in a track and control the left-right distribution trough panning. When you're done creating your amazing drum pattern you can save it for later editing or record it as an audio file.

You can share your patterns with other users on drumbit Club, join the drumbit Facebook Group or get news about the latest developments of drumbit subscribing the Newsletter.

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drumbit.app screenshot
Web App Screenshot

drumbit Plus screenshot
Plus Edition Screenshot

drumbit Editions

In addition to the web application, drumbit has two more editions, a free and Plus edition, both Chrome Apps and available through the Chrome Webstore. The free edition as been deprecated in favor of the Web App.

drumbit Plus Edition is an enhanced edition of the free edition. This version allows the use of custom kits, you can create up to 16 different patterns, has the option of 12 or 16 steps, step sensitivity and 9 room effects.

Check out a demo video at YouTube.